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"Dieting to Death"

A new year is approaching and it's time for many of us to dust our resolutions off. It seems that so many people suffer from some type of mental dysphoria when it comes to their image. In a culture that glorifies WASP's and calls anything else an acquired taste, there's no wonder people will do anything to fit in. From tape worms to diet pills and marathons to living in a gym, have we become too obsessed with outer appearances?

Luckily, you're not alone. When it comes to celebrities, they also find themselves in the shallow spotlight of unreasonable standards. The greatest thing about earth is the fact that, anyone and everyone could be considered an acquired taste. Whats hot to Americans is distasteful to some in the middle east and vice versa. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is actually an absolute truth.

While this topic really is not new, it is still important we gain our own personal perceptions of beauty. Recently, Oprah Winfrey did a interview with Barbara Walters, Ms. Walters asked if she still dieted and Oprah's reply was "No". If you remember, like I do, Oprah Winfrey's weight has gone up and down for many years. While some would say it's because she ate too much, I would say it's probably because she was trying to write a check her body can't cash.

In my life, I have gone up and down in weight as well. My issues stemmed from me trying to live up to the men photo-shopped in 'Men's Health' or 'Detail's' magazines. What's more interesting is that the lack of black or ethnic men in media, really made me feel like I had a huge standard that was impossible for me to fulfill. I'm not white and I'm not lean and you know what? So What!

It is important for us to love ourselves as individuals. If your naturally a size 8+ or 34 waist+, so what! It is important for you not to obcess over your looks and just find a way to live and be healthy while merry. Some great tricks to being healthy is finding a hobby, trying different outdoor activities, using moderation and just saying "No" to fad diets and cooky exercise machines at Bed, Bath and Beyond and "Yes" to an occasional slice of rich moist chocolate cake.

I say we stop dieting to death, stand up and say "Hey, I'm hot too!", because you are.

"Spirit In The Dark"

There is a aura in the air that is making the hairs on my neck stand up. I have been one to protest not viewing the evening news or gossip columns, but the stench is permeating not only our media but my immediate personal environment. The stench I am speaking of is the cons of dark times.

I don't want to take you on a in-depth journey of despair or heartbreak but I want you to be aware of what seems to be going on. The problems of wall street and main street have began to shift the mindset of many desperate professionals. The mindset of despair and need; the mindset of "am I a have or a have not?" The answer to this question is driving good people to do unspeakable things in these turbulent times.

People are leaning on their governments more than ever to navigate through this economy. The world is truly changing and the shift that needs to happen, is happening before our eyes. With this shift of technology and social networking, people are able to sniff the fakes out right away and launder their dirty laundry. More than ever people are choosing to follow their gut instint instead of mass here say.

The spirit in the dark is our intuition or what some might call God. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity from someone I trusted. I immediately said no, but after a few days of the opportunity being mentioned, my brain or conscious was beginning to be won over. Before I knew it, I was risking a loved ones asset to make this opportunity happen, for me. The outcome has yet to prevail...

What is interesting about the whole experience, is my gut feeling. The buyers remorse is engulfing my energy as I feel like I might have made a mistake. It's hard to stay somewhat irrational when your heart is beginning to speak. Through these rough times of dirty politicians and crooked neighbors, we must convince ourselves to listen to our intuition more often. Think of intuition as a personal connection to God's hotline.

When the gut and heart says "No", the words should flow from your lips as an absolute statement; not to be overturned in the future. With the media, social and news frenzy throwing the words recession and depression all around, there will be more people trying to bank on the desperation of the masses. If there is anything I want you to take from this reading, it is that we should let our spirit guide you through these dark times and remember to share your wisdom with those you love.

With the help of our intuition/God, we can overcome anything.

"Alien Life forms on Earth"

The world in morphing into an almost unrecognizable place. Some people believe there are aliens out in the universe, but it seems the aliens are already our neighbors. It feels that America and some other places on the Earth are suffering from alien like beliefs and code of conducts.

Since when is it okay for a man to rob the poor to help his fellow rich brother-en? Since when is it okay for bureaucracy red tape to prevent life changing advances to help life progress? Since when is it okay for us to only think of ourselves and no one else, especially not the future of our children? Since when is it all right for people to cast the first stone? When did all of this start and how?

While some may argue that this is a personal perception of the world, It often baffles me how people can pollute the earth when there is no where else to go, impose impratical beliefs on others and conduct themselves as righteous whiny dictators. With the glitz and glamour of instant fame, 'free' power in politics, and talentless talent, it seems the world is falling into the quantity over quality syndrome or worst, the what do 'I' get in return mentality.

The lack of importance in education seems to feed the ignorance of today's material frenzy. The basic principles of life are not taught while people are suffering from cognitive learning at the hands of corporations and unethical politicians. In today's world people often pursue the newest cell phone, hottest mate and or the biggest bank account, while robbing the earth of it's natural resources. If there is anything to be said about giving back to the environment, it is the structure of recycling. We must recycling knowledge as well as our limited resources.

People in today's world seem to be hell bent on taking and using and not sharing and giving back. People want fame, money, power and everything else (including what's going extinct) without offering anything in exchange, just because they can. If there is anything we should remember from our Native American and pilgrim settlers, it is the principle of trade and knowledge (minus the diseased blankets). Knowledge to know what to do to advance humanity, and trading goods and services for the betterment of mankind.

If there is anything alien about the world we live in; it's the conduct of power and greed that is shared by the masses and brainwashed by our leaders.

"Experimental Me..."

Sometimes I find that, life can take me on many different paths, meeting many different people, at random times. The whole notion of gratitude, appreciation and "law of attraction" has always been interesting to me because, when you focus on how bad you want something, somehow it materializes, only but after we show appreciation for what we have. Whether it's through an acquaintance or a random stranger; our dreams can make themselves a reality in unexpected ways.

In America, one of the qualities of a maverick might be someone that makes things happen. A man or woman with 'the guts' is the person who will make an opportunity happen, one way or another, often overstepping the competition. With the whole law of attraction theory, it seems that people who force themselves on others or force situations to happen, really are not helping to get what they need and desire in life.

Many movies glamorize being gruel and delving out intolerable cruelty, but I find that, just like the words of Mother Teresa, is is so much better to somehow allow people to leave me happier than before we met. I'm not trying to say that I'm playing 'God' and using my powers to grant happiness, but what I am saying is that the power of attraction and 'like attracts like', to me, would equal being a good person.

What does this have to do with being experimental? Well, we all have desires and things we want to happen. What would happen if we all just put ourselves out there and let people know what we are authentically about? Without pretense, without representation. That would then open up a flood gate of me and you getting what we want. The whole phenomena of karma, really makes sense when you think about it.

Experimental Me ...I'm going to continue to try new things and figure out what I like. If the passion I think I have for something radiates from me, than people will file in place to help me make my dreams come true and yours too. I will not pull or push, I will just be. Maybe, just maybe, that is the ultimate secret to getting what we want; what we really want.

Eye See: N.Y.C. - January 2011

Canaan's Candid Camera

Quote for the introvert

Great Quote: Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company. - Booker T. Washington

"Other People's Thoughts..."

In life it seems as if we are constantly fighting against other peoples thoughts. Am I thin enough, tall enough, black enough, white enough, gay enough, straight enough, christian enough or am I just enough. Insecurities seem to be a dis-ease much worst than any ailment filling the beds of hospitals across the world. This specific dis-ease robs the creative of their light, rots outs the body and soul and mentally imprisons.

This dis-ease is so rapid that it's even affected the education system in the USA. Hearing things like "That's so Gay" to describe something extra curricular like the arts or science. With so much emphasis of aggression, sexuality and masculinity, it seems many are doing nothing more than folding their arms around their waist, while running in circles.

When someone comes out as different or one-of-a-kind, it is often greeted with the hairy eyeball. People who question the norm are considered crazy and eccentric; better yet people were often institutionalized for speaking different than a social norm. How did it become the norm to follow other people's thoughts. In a country that supposedly cherishes innovation, it seems people are nothing more than lab rats waiting for the next toy from Apple.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying materials of convenience, gadget toys or anything one can think of. What's interesting is when people look for and follow what others are doing. What is the latest trend? what are the other guys doing/wearing?... What is with the fear of being individual? Why do so many cover up with a mental Burka only to run home at night to a loveless and/or empty nest? The reason is: "other people's thoughts".

While many people may feel that others won't like them because of who they are; those others are busy thinking the same way. It goes back to the childhood parental quote: "If they all jump off the bridge, does that mean you will too?" Hearing that as a child use to make me nuts because all I wanted was to be liked by others. What I failed to realize as a child and teen was that everyone else felt the same way.

When we spend too much time worried about what others may be thinking, that pressure does not create a diamond, in most cases. Many people end up being hot air wasted into the atmosphere. To be a diamond, people must follow their convictions and happiness, while allowing the pressure of personal bliss navigate to their individual truth. The more people to listen and share* what they already have and know, the closer the human race will be to total enlightenment. We are all here to be who we are and no one else.

*Share: [verb] to use, participate in, enjoy, receive, etc., jointly

"Let's Love A Lot"

Whether its Allah, Jesus or Buddha, the key to peace is love. It's very cheesy and it's very hippie-ish, but none-the-less, I believe it's the truth; or at least a truth worth accepting. With all of the segregation, political backlash and sexual deviancy going on next door, we should never forget to still "Love A Lot".

This thought was inspired by a song on the new M.I.A album "/\/\/\Y/\" entitled "lovealot". Contrary to the lyrics beaming into my headset and while I love this song; I'd rather not fight those who fight me. When people add more aggression to an issue, the issue only becomes bigger. Interesting enough, it almost seems as if aggression is the child of righteousness; after Ego and Righteousness met at the bar.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with individual faith. While some extremists are saying that religion is the cause of all wars, I view it different. Righteousness can close more minds off than any concept on earth. People have the right to believe what they want, but respect those who differ. Faith in your God is great, but why tell the man who is praying to Allah to forget the Muslim faith and come to your church? That adds salt to an already deep worldly wound.

Often times on the evening news and even in some new optimum cable commercials, it seems that people of opposing point of views are always fighting. If person A likes a certain football team, person B must quickly run out and vandalize their property. Why? What ever happened to agreeing to disagree? I believe that the greatest thing on earth is the opinions and feelings of others and if you don't agree with that, I accept that.

What's truly important in this world is an open mind. An open mind to hear what someones heart is saying, an open mind to listen to ones heart and soul. As people of the righteous right, we forget to even listen to our own desires and before we know it, were fighting against others. If there is anything that is worth living for, it's living to "Love-A-Lot". In a world with so much bitterness, envy, greed, crime and hate, that is the absolute only anecdote we have left.

No matter who you are or where you are, "Love-A-Lot".

"Bombay Dreaming"

Today I dream of Bombay as if I have been there. I dream of a freedom that allows my mind to wonder within the beauty that lines the streets, the sweet foods that are flavorful in my mouth or the beautifully exotic people who live each day in Bombay.

I dream of more because it seems as if America has less. I once dreamed of many successes in industry with my creativity but doors seem to close as others slowly opened. I dream of Bombay because, isn't a dream really worth it?

America, the country with the streets lined in gold is now a country of outsourcing, a country of disclosed bigotry and a country of passive beings. I never would have thought that while I was dreaming of Bombay, the world I so so naively loved has a reality much harsher than I wanted to accept.

I was a hopeless romantic falling in love with every dream, allowing my walls to come down, only to allow myself to be naively hurt. I have traveled to the world of make believe only to find out that what I really want will become an uphill battle.

Even though America isn't the man I once dreamed he would be, I keep my blinders on and escape to the heaven in my head, Bombay, still hoping that one day I will see my dreams for real.

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